Online payment services

Tired of cash transaction? Want a more convenient way for processing online payment. CTOPAY can help you!
CTOPAY is a world famous payment provider, we can offer you a reliable way to settle your payment online in a safe and encrypted (SSL) environment.
For more details, please view our different gateways for online payment.
Visa master(3D)gateway

First developed by Agriculture bank of China, Visa master(3D)gateway is a verification measure set up by credit card Association, for the protection of cardholder benefits, which mainly implemented in Asian area.
Ctopay is the first company in China to meet the global general payments standards for credit card: 3-D verification, providing a safe, convenient online payment channel for Chinese E-commerce to integrate with the international market.
Visa master (NON-3D) gateway

Visa master(non-3D)gateway is a foreign credit card payment gateway. It is currently the only credit card payment gateway that does not need 3-D verification in China, which can greatly improve your credit card payments.
Ctopay offers you a one stop payment service. You can manage your payment account anytime and anywhere through a simple operation. Our risk management system can ensure the safety for your transactions.
Moneybookers gateway

Moneybookers is a branch of Gatombe Park Venture Limited, at present; it has the highest rates of online payment in Europe.
With broad geographical coverage and security management, it wins the prize not only from the foreign but also domestic consumers. what is more, it also act as the main sales channels to expand the small-scale businesses.
Faster, safer way to make your payment online!
Ukash gateway

Originated in the Commonwealth of Nations, Ukash payment gateway suits both online and telephone payments. All the payment model is based on cash, which will be completely immune to the credit card and debit card. Good news for the consumers who do not like to use online credit or debit card.
At present, many internationally renowned network service providers such as Skype, CD WOW, Sportingbet, are using Ukash as a payment solution.
Credit card VIP gateway

Credit card VIP gateway service was launched by Ctopay, in cooperation with many major banking institutions. It offers a more convenient way for our customers. It has below advantages:
It enjoys high transaction success rates, offers 24 hours order, and support Visa/Master card and US dollar payment.