Verification service

How it works: Merchant Verification Plan:
For all the regular merchants, if there is no abnormal order in three months, you can apply for the merchant verification.

Application Methods:
You can email or give a call directly to our customer service department, once validated, good luck to you! You have passes the verification!

Tel: (852) 2603-5385
Please remember to write your merchant number and contact way in your email.
Thanks for your cooperation!

The benefits:
The Address Verification System, or AVS, is a fraud detection tool, designed to ensure the security for merchants and cardholders. If you have attached the AVS label to your websites, it will benefit you from the following aspects:

Raise Consumer Confidence in Your Website. It is natural that your customers have various concerns for your service or products, but if you have passed our verification, there will be no more such concern. Meanwhile the consumer confidence in your brand will be increased tremendously.

Reduce the Amount of Un-paid Orders. Once you have such verification, your customers will pay online without hesitation, thus the un-paid orders will be greatly reduced.
Attach ctopay verification label, enlarge your business in an easier way.